Artist Entry Sign Up

The Artist Entry fee allows access to my gallery of images for artists’ reference only.  I update the gallery periodically.  This gallery contains images throughout my career, which can be found nowhere else.  My photo images may not be copied, redistributed or sold.  The images in this gallery are for artist reference only.  Based on my passion for art, and my interest in supporting artists, this is a one time entry fee of $49.99, not a monthly billing.

Any artwork derived from my images must contain credit to me, Nicole Damon as the model.  I must be given the right and a copy of the artwork to display and promote. 

If you agree to this, please continue.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  If you are in search of a particular pose, theme, or unique photo (within reason), please e-mail me, or contact me via social media, and we can collaborate and discuss the details. (Serious inquiries only).

I support artists, and appreciate their extraordinary talent.  Any artwork derived from my images will be promoted by me via my website, social media, and in person when I attend appearances/conventions. 

Please read my bio, and visit the list of artists I have had the honor to work with.

Thank you and I look forward to being part of one or more of your amazing creations!